Unique Czech Crystal

The Crystal Gallery History

The Crystal Gallery has its beginnings in the fall of 1997, when I made my first trip to Prague in the Czech Republic. This first trip convinced me this was going to be my adopted city. I made frequent trips back and would always bring back unique crystal selections. My family and friends would fall in love with the pieces I had bought. My love of beautiful crystal pieces and for my new adopted city, Prague; evolved into me making personal contacts with many of the most well respected crystal factories in the Czech Republic. All the factories I deal with are leaders in their respective style of crystal pieces; hand producing exquisite pieces in traditional and contemporary design styles.

After building up some inventory and in the early days of ‘The Crystal Gallery’; I would host shows in local Des Moines hotels showcasing my unique crystal pieces. The response was very favourable, so after some debate a decision was made to open a retail outlet showcasing exclusive products from the Czech Republic. In September 2002, The Crystal Gallery was born!

Glass blowing in the Czech Republic dates back to the 12th century; and still today, each piece is handcrafted! The location of this small country along with its abundance of natural resources necessary for producing a quality crystal product puts it in the forefront of crystal production in the world. Every piece at The Crystal Gallery has been personally selected by me. Each year I make multiple trips to the Czech Republic in search of those unique, one of a kind pieces, and hand selecting each one. I am the only buyer and I do not use any wholesalers or purchasing agents of any kind.

My commitment is to select the highest quality crystal pieces to be passed down from generation to generation. The Crystal Gallery online website provides you with a one of a kind shopping experience offering unique and creative crystal pieces to be enjoyed in your home or office.

Rod Boyd – Owner