Moser Czech Crystal

Moser is not only the most exquisite but also the purest, finest crystal stemware in existence. The Moser Company was founded in 1857 and is dedicated to superior artistic and technical standards in lead free crystal. The quality of the crystal and perfection of Moser’s hand cutting, engraving and gilding are unsurpassed by any contemporary glass or crystal company; renowned for their purity, brilliance, elegance and rich finish.

Today, Moser produces a wide range of stem and barware, hollowware, accessories, giftware and art glass. The designs and technical perfection achieved throughout its history have earned Moser a reputation for superior quality and innovation.

In 1857, the firm of Ludwig Moser & Sons originated as an engraving studio in the spa town of Karlsbad, located in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic), a region known for its superior glass-making traditions. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Moser developed its now famous technically perfect crystal production, employing a unique formula for producing a substance as hard as rock and as brilliant as lead crystal – but without using a trace of lead. This composition is very suitable for Moser’s marvelous engravings, ecologically sound and free of all concerns associated with lead.

Moser’s innovative techniques in cutting, engraving and coloring quickly won the line great acclaim at many prestigious international art exhibitions. Moser soon became the proud possession of royalty, heads of state and well-known personalities throughout the world, an esteemed reputation that has held fast and continues to grow now in the 21st century.

Moser Confident Crystal Policy

Moser is not only the most exquisite but also the purest, finest crystal in existence. In fact, its unrivaled quality is backed by Moser’s Confident Crystal Policy. In the unlikely event that a piece of your Moser stemware or barware breaks, under our policy you can replace it with an identical piece for 50% off the prevailing suggested retail price. When your quality is that good, you can be that confident!

To qualify for this free lifetime replacement policy, when purchasing Moser barware or stemware simply request to be enrolled in the program upon purchase.